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* Last updated: 7/2/2011

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Recent News

9/11/06 Washington Post At a Ground Zero Hotel, Room for Miracles * New
Wait. There was a Marriott at Ground Zero? There was, and its fate -- and the fate of Razzano and some 900 other guests staying at the hotel five years ago today -- are among the lesser-known tales of the attacks.
Sunday, a group of some 50 Marriott survivors, as many call themselves, gathered for the first time, over lunch at a banquet room in Giovanni's Atrium, an Italian restaurant a few blocks from where the hotel once stood, to talk, bond, weep, laugh and relive the worst day of their lives.
Some had come to claim their place and the place of the Marriott in the narrative of 9/11. Others just wanted to connect with people who had walked the same path out of hell. After the attacks, all of them immediately returned to their home towns and passed up the chance to commune, face to face, with others who'd survived a nearly identical ordeal. ....

9/1/06 Forbes The Stories of 9-11 Lie Beneath Brooklyn * New
Nowhere is the toll of 9/11 more evident than the short stretch - less than the length of an FDNY ladder truck - where seven would-be rescuers are buried beneath a stretch of newly sprouted grass. Three worked together at Brooklyn's Ladder Co. 118: Joey "Bells" Agnello, Peter "Big Head" Vega and Vernon "Mo" Cherry, half of the company's crew as they raced across the Brooklyn Bridge after the second plane hit. Nobody aboard survived. The six firefighters were last seen in the lobby of the Marriott World Trade Center hotel , where they steered hundreds of panicked people to safety before the towers collapsed, destroying the 22-story hotel. Two other firefighters from the companion Engine Co. 205 died as well. ....

8/20/06 The Bryan-College Station Eagle Couple gives back to firefighters * New
The couple was at the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel in New York for a business conference when two planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers. ....

8/20/06 NY Times Little League Remembers a Heroic 9/11 Firefighter * New
Cammarata was a member of Ladder Company 11 on East Second Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He was in the ninth week of a 14-week training program when he died. He was last seen rushing into the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel to evacuate guests and staff....

8/13/06 Norwalk Advocate Movie Stirs 9-11 Memories * New
...Others who lost loved ones, or were there that day, like Lonny Tranos of Stamford, are anxious to see the film. Tranos, who was the chief engineer for the Marriott hotel in the trade center and who witnessed the collapse of the towers, is curious to see how realistic the film is. 'I want to see how accurate they are,' he said. ....

7/26/06 Daily News Proof of Lung Woes * New
Every breath is now an ordeal for Tarnisa Moore, a 54-year-old grandmother of four who was a supervisor at the Marriott Hotel at the World Trade Center . ....

2006 Marriott Headquarters Interview with Pat Murphy, Director of Loss Prevent Services * New
What is the biggest security issue that Marriott has faced?
The two Twin Towers collapsed onto our World Trade Center Marriott in New York City. We lost two employees who...

2005 News

09/11/05 Boston Globe Katrina's shadow looms at Sept. 11 memorials * New
Our country is in another state of mourning and recovery," said Joyce Ng, a Consultant and Sept. 11 survivor from Framingham, who spoke at the State House yesterday. Four years ago, she managed to escape from the 13th floor of the World Trade Center Marriott Hotel, but not before seeing people crushed by debris and fleeing shards of glass and metal. 'I can relate to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina," Ng said. ''Just as I saw things no one should see, the hurricane victims are seeing things no one should see. The victims of Hurricane Katrina need food, shelter, and clothing, but they will also need emotional support for many years to come.

09/10/05 New York Newsday Their courage honored * New
...Brooklyn firefighter Mike Stack only learned how his father died some time after Sept. 11, 2001, when a fellow firefighter told him that Lawrence Stack had spent his final moments waiting with an injured hotel employee outside of the World Trade Center Marriott...

09/09/05 International Herald Tribune * New
The final moments of the department's senior leaders also rise from the histories as a struggle to rescue dozens of firefighters trapped in the Marriott Hotel after the south tower's collapse. As they worked, the north tower crashed down, killing, among others, Chief of Department Peter Ganci.

08/13/05 New York Times 9/11 Firefighters Told of Isolation Amid Disaster * New
The final moments of the department's senior leaders also rise from the histories as a struggle to rescue dozens of firefighters trapped in the Marriott Hotel after the south tower's collapse. As they worked, the north tower crashed down, killing, among others, Chief of Department Peter Ganci, First Deputy Commissioner William Feehan, and Battalion Chiefs Ray Downey and Lawrence Stack.

08/13/05 App News Families spend hours poring over transcripts of dispatches on 9/11 * New
Al Fuentes, a retired fire captain, said communications were so bad before he was pulled out of the rubble that some firefighters resorted to hand signals to connect with survivors trapped in the Marriott Hotel, damaged by falling debris.

Jan 2005 Book Release 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Tower * New
The authors lard their tale with surprising and alarming detail. The Marriott swimming pool caught fire.

2004 News

09/03/04 MetroWestNews WTC Survivor Reflects
Three years after terrorists crashed a pair of planes into the World Trade Center, a Framingham woman who was staying in a hotel that shared that financial hub is returning to the scene of her horror. Joyce Ng will be at Ground Zero with her husband tomorrow, mourning for thosewho perished...

09/03/04 Townonline Marriott victim memorial: Memorial to local victims dedicated in Framingham's Tercentennial Park
For nearly three years, Loris Hill of Framingham has been searching for a place to mourn her son Todd, 34,who died at the Marriott Hotel at the World Trade Center in New York during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. ...

7/23/04 Cleveland News Report gets poor review locally

12/4/03 Washington Business Journal Marriott gets WTC insurance settlement
A day after Bethesda-based Host Marriott said it had collected $370 million in insurance settlements connected to the World Trade Center hotel it lost in the terrorist attack and damages to its nearby Marriott Financial Center Hotel, Marriott International, which managedthe Ground Zero property, says it has settled...

2003 News

9/11/03 NY Daily News Honor fallen hotel workers
The Marriott hotel chain remembered employees who were lost on Sept. 11 two years ago with a tree-dedicating ceremony yesterday in downtownBrooklyn...

9/11/03 Boston Boston Public Garden Memorial Groundbreaking
Madeline Sweeney Award for Civilian Bravery
An award ceremony will take place at 1PM at the Massachusetts State House's House of Chamber on 9/11.
Breakfast with Governor Romney, Senator Kerry, Mayor Menino and Senator Kennedy
Joyce Ng speaks about the Marriott WTC Survivors Group

9/11/03 WBZ-4 CBS Memorial Coverage
Joyce Ng, founder of website & survivor of MWTC, will be on the 9/11 Special Coverage. It will air in the morning on Channel 4 between 9:00AM - 10:00AM

9/11/03 9/10/03 CN8 New England Nitebeat with Barry Nolan
Joyce Ng will be appearing as a guest on Nitebeat with Barry Nolan.
Nitebeat is a compelling, 60-minute issues-oriented show featuring lively conversation, debate and roundtable discussions onpolitical/social issues.
7:00PM - 8:00PM CN8 New England 9/10
1:00PM - 2:00PM CN8 New England 9/11 Re-air

9/9/03 WBZ - 4 CBS News Evening News
Joyce Ng, founder of website, will be interviewed on the evening news.
It will air on Channel 4:
6:00PM - 6:30PM WBZ 4 News

9/9/03 MetroWest Daily News 'Forgotten' survivors
Web site a forum for those who escaped WTC Marriott
Two years later, Joyce Ng still remembers the blond woman screaming in the hallway, warning guests at 3 World Trade Center to get out. Then there was the British man who picked up the contents of her wallet for her as she ran from the Marriott Hotel -- a building nestled between thetowers...

9/9/03 NABE
Interview with Joyce Ng for 2 year anniversary
National Association of Business Economics

9/7/03 The Jupiter Courier Second anniversary of 9/11 revives heartache
John's son Paul was a firefighter in New York City who died trying to rescue people from the Marriott Hotel that was part of the World Trade Center complex.

6/8/03 New York Times At Firefighter's Funeral, Mayor Says 9/11 Memorial Should Identify Rescuers * New
...Mr. Cammarata, nicknamed "The Face" by his fellow firefighters for his movie-star looks, achieved a perfect score on the Fire Department's written exam and physical. He was last seen going into the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel on the morning of Sept. 11 to try to evacuateany guests or staff...

4/1/03 PC USA NYC presbytery has distributed $600,000 in Sept. 11 aid * New 9/18/03
...A short while later, when the south tower collapsed, it took the Marriott, Valentin’s job, and a number of hotel employees and guests with it. He was left partially disabled, out of a job, in need of surgery, unable to support his wife and two daughters. He didn’t know where to turn. Until he heard about the Hub Churches Relief Program sponsored by the Presbytery of New York City, which offers emergency grants of as much as $4,000 to people who lost jobs or wages because ofthe attacks.....

2002 News

9/20/02 The Eagle Couple rescued on 9-11 repay firefighters with trip * New
... couple were in the Marriott hotel between the two towers at the time off the attacks and were helped to safety by members of Manhattan’s Ladder Company No. 12, which includes Charlie Gersbeck and Sanders.

9/12/02 New York Times Line separated the lucky from the dead.
* This NY Times article is the only one found which focuses solely on the Marriott Hotel
It was only 22-storey midget tucked under colossal buildings, but in its final 102 minutes the Marriott Hotel at 3 World Trade Centre served as the mouth of a tunnel, a runway in and out of the burning towers for perhaps a thousand people or more...No precise number of casualties for the Marriott exists, but witness accounts suggest that at least 50 people inside the hotel were killed. At least 41 of thosewere firefighters, and the number could be much higher

9/12/02 NY Newsday City, Firefighters, Cops Remember the Lost
...Port Authority chief operating officer Ernesto Butcher, who escaped death by diving under the concierge desk in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel when2 World Trade Center collapsed..

9/11/02 Security Management One hotel security director looks back on September 11 * New 9/18/03
* A perspective from a Marriott Security employee

...George Compas had worked in security for the Marriott Corporation for more than 15 years, but he had only served as director of loss prevention at the World Trade Center Marriott for seven weeks when the planes hit the towers. As one of the survivors from ground zero, he saw firsthand how traditional emergency preparations stood up during a major catastrophe, and his experience has yielded lessons for the entire lodgingindustry...
...The missing. Two hotel managers from the WTC Marriott died on September 11. They were both helping in the evacuation. One was killed when the building collapsed. The last time anyone saw the second manager, he was on the third floor helping people evacuate. Nine guestsare still missing and presumed dead...

9/11/02 New York Times One Hotel's Fight to the Finish
* This NY Times article is the only one found which focuses solely on the Marriott Hotel
...No precise number of casualties for the Marriott exists, but it is likely, based on eyewitness accounts analyzed by The New York Times, that no fewer than 50 people inside thehotel were killed. At least 41 of those were firefighters,...

9/9/02 Chicago Tribune Friends Gone, Lives Changed
...With a weeks-earlier disaster exercise at Port Newark still fresh in his memory, Butcher - who served as incident commander during disasters - rushed down to the Twin Towers, first assisting in the evacuation, later asking senior staff to meet him in the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel lobby...Soon after Butcher gathered with chief engineer Frank Lombardi and others at the hotel lobby, he said he heard a rumbling sound, "like all the thunders you ever heard, rolled into one." Everyone dived for the floor, managing to find safety under a concierge desk - which was protected by a supporting beam installedafter the 1993 bombing....

8/2/02 News India Times WTC Marriot hotel staff protest loss of jobs * New
...The protesters were quoted as saying in the report that though Marriott was opening new hotels in the city, it had not done anything to relocate them at any of its new units. This, they contended, was because the new employees will be paid the minimum, instead of the higher wages they drew while they were on the Marriott’s rolls. After the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the Marriott hotel chain laid off all theworkers at the WTC Marriott on Oct. 5...

7/21/02 Progressive South Asians Post 9/11:The Working Poor Pay the Price * New
...The World Trade Center Marriott Hotel was destroyed in the attacks. Located in the area considered directly attacked, Marriott, Inc was eligible for monies through the $21 billion governmental package set aside for corporations and businesses that suffered losses in the attack. Hundreds of Marriott workers lost their jobs overnight and were promised positions by Bill Marriott himself in two new Marriott, Inc hotels being built in Manhattan. When ex-WTC Marriott workers applied for jobs, they were often passed up for those with no experience. Instead, Marriott hired new employees at lower pay. Many of the employees had been working for Marriott for over ten years and earned about $17 an hour. Some employees believe that Marriott was waiting for them to say that they would take a paycut in return for a job. After six months of fighting, and weekly protests outside of the Marriott Hotel in Times Square and with the help of National MobilizationAgainst Sweatshops (NMASS), some employees were finally rehired...

2002 PBS Heroes of Ground Zero - A Timeline of Tragedy * New
9:10am... Over thirty more companies have arrived, and a third interior command post is set up inside the Marriott Hotel, located by the base of the north tower. Meanwhile, an exterior command center has been set up on West Street. Top-level fire chiefs send units into the towers from here.
9:40am... Another fifth alarm is broadcast. The Marriott command post mistakenly dispatches four companies to the north tower instead of the south. The slip-up winds up saving lives...
10:29am... The north tower collapses, bringing down the Marriott Hotel as well. Over a third of the firefighters lost were in the north tower, and some were still in the lobby of the Marriott directing evacuations...

5/1/02 Technology Meetings TIME TO HELP OUR OWN
Shaken by the loss on September 11 of two good customers and colleagues - the MarriottWorld Trade Center's Abdu Malahi and Joe Keller - and confronted by ...

1/16/02 Socialist Worker Marriott workers fight for NYC jobs * New 9/18/03
... Chanting "Marriott stop the firing! Time to do some hiring!" more than 200 workers from the destroyed Marriott World Trade Center rallied last week. Many of the workers, some of whom risked their lives to help evacuate the 22-story building before it collapsed, had worked at thehotel for 20 years....

1/16/02 New York Daily News Idled Workers to Protest At Marriott * New
... Marriot workers from the Marriott World Trade Center who were laid off a month after the attacks are expected to protest in front of the midtown Marriot Marquis today. They are angry about not given priority to work at other Marriott locations as well as a lack of financial compensationfrom the company after September 11...

1/3/02 Firehouse Bodies of Seven WTC Firefighters Identified * New 9/18/03
The bodies of seven more firefighters pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Center have been identified, including three from the samecompany who were found together in a buried lobby. Lt. Robert Regan and firefighters Joseph Agnello and Peter Anthony Vega were part of a six-man crew from Engine Co. 205 Ladder 118 in Brooklyn. The three were found New Year's Day as excavation crews opened up the lobby of the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel.

2002 Columbia University Reflections on 9/11
The eight members of Engine 58 entered the Marriott Hotel just before 10 a.m. Nagel left his men helping civilians in the lobby while he went next door to receive orders from a command post in tower two.

2001 News

12/14/01 Chief Downey Scholarship Fund He Did What He Had To
...Eyewitnesses have said he was last seen in the Marriott hotel after the first tower had collapsed. He may have been heading to the second tower to evacuate firefighters when it came down...

12/6/01 American ORT American ORT Real Estate and Construction Industry Chapter Honors Linda and Gary Jacob of Glenwood Management Corp * New
...on September 11 when he felt the impact of the first plane hitting 20 floors overhead and witnessed a ball of fire descend to the roof of the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel along with a rain of office correspondence. ...

11/19/01 Washington Business Journal Host Marriott hard hit by WTC attack, travel interruptions * New 9/18/03

...Host Marriott warned investors today that the sudden fall off in travel stemming from last week's terrorist attacks coupled with an already soft market will cause the Bethesda, Md.-based hotel real estate company to revise its fourth-quarter and year-end expectations....

11/14/01 Fortune Heartbreak Hotel? * New 9/18/03
...Just before 9:00 A.M. on Sept. 11, Marriott International CEO Bill Marriott was holding a meeting in his Bethesda, Md., office. Hearing that a jet had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers, he ran to the nearest TV; he was watching when the next hijacked plane hit its mark. When he saw the second tower fall, Marriott figured that his Marriott World Trade Center Hotel had been crushed. By noon, he knew that the Marriott at the nearby World Financial Center had sustained serious damage. By day's end, the CEO had learned that two of his managers were missing; they had died trying to evacuate hotel guests. "It was the most difficult thing I'd experienced in 45 years of business," he says...

11/14/01 New York Times Attacks Hit Low-Pay Jobs the Hardest * New
...When the hotel was destroyed on Sept. 11, so was her job. And she has not been able to find another one. ...

11 '01 ASME News Online As the World Trade Center towers fall, a brother watches and a search ensues
...many firefighters had gathered in the hotel lobby and were trapped there when the towers came down....

10/6/01 USAE News WTC Marriott: 20 Guests Missing, 2 Employees
...The Marriott World Trade Center Hotel in New York City, destroyed in the September 11 terror attacks, is still missing two employees and approximately 20 guests....Though Marriott employees would not releasethe names or positions of the missing employees, Joseph Spinnato...

9/19/01 NY Newsday Net comes through in a crisis * New
...In place of its usual home page, Marriott Corp. published a stark note announcing it had evacuated its World Trade Center hotel and created anassistance center with a toll-free number. ...

9/19/01 CNN Recovery effort moves ahead * New
....The destroyed buildings included the twin towers; the 22-story World Trade Center Marriott Hotel 5 World Trade Center, which housed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and various judicial offices; and 7 World Trade Center, which housed the U.S. General Accounting Office, the OEM, the Secret Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission. ...

2001 Marriott Annual Report To our shareholders * New
...As we move forward, we are working closely with our insurance carriers to resolve our claims related to the September 11 destruction of the Marriott World Trade Center and the damage to the Financial Center Marriott. No decision has been made regarding what, if any, rebuilding will be done for the Marriott World Trade Center, and we do not expect a definitive resolution of the question until the masterplan to rebuild the entire World Trade Center complex is complete. ...

9/17/01 TimeshareBeat News Press Release: Marriott Reports on New York Hotels
...The update noted that the New York Marriott World Trade Center hotel, located at Three World Trade Center, has suffered catastrophic damage by the attack on the World Trade Center and has been rendered inoperable. Although the hotel was evacuated and there have been no confirmed reports of injuries, two associates of the management company, Marriott International, are still unaccounted for....

9/13/01 Marriott MARRIOTT NEWS UPDATE * New
...Marriott International is working closely with local and national authorities in New York City, and as needed, across the country. We will continue to do all we can to identify and locate our guests and associates who may have been affected in NYC, and also to aid the authorities in theirongoing investigation...

9/12/01 CNN CNN Chronology of Terror
CNN's Paula Zahn reports the Marriott Hotel near the World Trade Center is on the verge of collapse and says some New York bridges are now open to outboundtraffic.

9/12/01 Online Journalism Review Commercial Sites Struggle to Keep Current
The New York Marriott World Trade Center carried this message in a stark text-only format: ...Because it is virtually impossible for us to know if a guest was in the building at the time of the event, our efforts to verify that information could take some time...

9'01 Firework Report from Ground Zero:The World Trade Center Collapse
Firefighters from her firehouse had been sent in to search the Marriott Hotel, which was connected to the World Trade Center Towers, after thefirst tower collapsed.

NMASS Justice for World Trade Center Marriott Workers
...In the aftermath of the attack, Marriott workers are facing a new nightmare. They were promised aid from the Marriott, donated expressly to help those affected by the World Trade Center disaster, yet many have received none of this. Meanwhile, they were prevented from receiving full government and charity relief by the Marriott who assured various agencies that they were well taken care of. And, despite promises to place workers in other Marriott facilities, the Marriott laid all employees of the World Trade Center location off on October 5 with no job prospect, even though many had worked at thehotel for as long as 20 years....

House on the Rocks World Trade Center Testimony
Battalion Chief Edward Henry and I then entered the lobby of the Marriott Hotel which is situated at the foot of both towers. This became a staging area where we were assigned to go to the 75th floor of the North Tower. There were many firefighters, police and other emergency workers present in the lobby at this time...

Marriott Newsroom NEWS UPDATE * New
...We are doing everything we can to assist families of guests and associates affected by the tragic events in New York City....We have established a Marriott Assistance Center. The toll-free number is 866-866-9928. This line is for friends and family members concerned about loved ones who may have been affected....The World Trade Center Marriott was irreparably damaged, and the Financial Center Marriott sustained significant damage. There were 940 guests and 360 employees at the Marriott World Trade Center...

Marriott Marriott Statement
*This brief statement is the only one found on the website

On September 11, we pay tribute to the courage, compassion and generosity of spirit shown by our associates and others in New York, Washington and around the world. We also remember the many who perished that day, including Joseph Keller and Abdu Malahi, Marriott associates who were lost in service to others. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.They remain in our hearts forever.


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